E&I Construction

Electrical & Instrumentation Construction

Maali Gulf Industrial Co Ltd . Electric Construction offers a wide range of services. We are capable of doing multi-million dollar construction projects or simply adding an outlet in your house.  We also specialize in voice/data and fiber optic communication.

We are one of most experienced electrical contractors in the Saudi Arabia. Our organization’s reputation for excellence and on schedule projects is unequalled. Specializing in fast track building projects, our well-trained, highly skilled workforce will ensure a quality, on time completion of the project. Our success is in large measure due to the efforts of our committed management team and dedicated employees, Our motto “Success through Service” is shared by all of our employees. 

Maali Gulf Industrial Co Ltd scope of work consists of a large commercial and industrial projects including hospitals, bank and credit card facilities, industrial plants, government facilities, schools and universities, correctional facilities, medical clinics, office buildings and retail stores. We also have a qualified service team that specializes in high voltage work, voice and data cabling and fiber optics

Our normal work force consists of an average of 70 electricians. We have employed up to 100 electricians on one single project. Our employee training program is second to none. Our journeyman electricians continue with additional training courses in excess of license requirements to maintain the highest productivity in the industry. Our apprentices complete a five year, nationally registered training program.

  • Power & Lighting ( Building and Process Utilities)
  • Power & Control Panel Installations (Switchgear, Switchboard, LCP & MCC)
  • LV, MV & HV Underground Cabling
  • Cable Tray Installations
  • Electrical Equipment Installations (Transformers, ATS, MTS, Generator, UPS, Rectifiers, etc…)
  • Explosion Proof Electrical System (Onshore & Offshore)
  • Commercial Electrical Works (Hospitals, Government Facilities, Schools and Universities etc…)
  • GIS Substation Maintenance & Overhauling
  • Electrical Plant Utility Maintenance
  • Cathodic Protection System
  • Grounding Lighting/Surge Protection
  • Fire Alarm System Works (Conventional & Addressable)
  • Conducts wide range of Electrical Installation Testing (Hi-pot, Contact Resistance, Insulation, Grounding, Illumination, Continuity, Phase, Transformer Winding Resistance, Dielectric Test, Relay Calibration)
  • SCADA, DCS, Tubical Transition Flow materials and Loop Connection